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Boardshort - tutti i nostri Boardshorts Uomo

Since beginning with boardshorts, way back in 1969 we have been combining all we know about technology, fit, materials and prints to develop the best boardshorts we can for surfers like you. As it's at the core of what we do, we are continuously innovating so you can surf your best, whatever the session throws your way. From working closely with our team of professional surfers to develop signature models that meet their high expectations, stylists who develop the latest trends or scientists who channel their knowhow into providing you with superb in-water comfort during your surf sessions. It's all covered in our Quiksilver men's boardshort collection.

Quiksilver Boardshort Materials

Here at Quiksilver we offer a whole range of boardshort materials that we have been developing over the years: :

Diamond Dobby DLX

The cushy Diamond Dobby DLX fabric uses what is known as dobby in the sewing world, to create a complete surface of tiny raised diamonds that reduce contact between the boardshort and your skin by over 30%. Less contact with the skin, especially when your shorts and body are bathed in salt water, means less rashes and skin irritation to keep you surfing wave after wave. Quiksilver Diamond Dobby DLX also offers an incredible memory that means your boardshorts will keep their shape session after session, season after season.

4-Way stretch Diamond Dobby

All the brains of the Diamond Dobby, with the magic movability of stretch that goes 4 ways. Our 4-way stretch technology is at the pinnacle of board short design, allowing excellent freedom to move both horizontally and vertically.

Quik Dry

Our Quik Dry fabric technology uses a water repellent treatment that will have your Quiksilver board shorts drying 2 times faster than standard boardshorts. Not only does it dry quicker but it absorbs less water. Great when you want to make the most of your time on the coast, or you're not a fan of slipping on those damp boardshorts for a morning surf- but then again who is!


We have developed feather-light materials that that won't hold you back or weigh your down, giving you the freedom to make your mark in the line-up.

Quiksilver Boardshort Technology

Lycra Hem & Stretch hems

Lycra and stretch hems provide flexible leg openings that offer you maximum mobility and catch free manoeuvres.

Neo Fly

This neoprene boardshort fly closure is developed using our best Quiksilver wetsuit technology.

Diamond Fly

The Quiksilver low profile Diamond Dobby™ fly closure offers rash free comfort where you need it most.

Double up closure

The double up closure allows you to lock your Boardshorts draw cords in place by folding them under and threading through the outer holes for a more secure fit in heavy surf.

The Quiksilver board shorts collection offers the ultimate in varied styles so whether you're surfing in double overhead or kicking it by the poolside you'll find something to suit your needs.

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